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Why Savalan?

The Savalan Approach

Savalan helps clients navigate financial and operational challenges that can derail a thriving business. With extensive finance and industry experience, Savalan provides expertise that helps clients flourish while maintaining critical stability. We embed ourselves so we become well versed in each client’s business. Our seat at the management table allows us to actively participate in the decision-making process. Finally, Savalan becomes a trusted advisor through demonstrated commitment and the valuable insights we offer.

Central to our approach is the implementation of strong, scalable infrastructure. Savalan develops robust financial processes, systems, and controls. Leveraging experience beyond the financial arena enables us to assist in administration, including human resources, technology, operations, and strategy. We serve as liaisons to other service providers, such as auditors, bankers, tax accountants, insurance brokers, and real estate professionals. With a firm foundation in place, Savalan clients are able to focus on core aspects of their business and innovate, grow and prosper.

Management Decisions Viewed Through A Financial Lens

Savalan provides services to both commercial entities and government agencies.  In the private sector, we are your accounting/finance department outsourcing firm, providing a wide range of financial services, including financial reporting, planning (budgeting and forecasting), vendor management, accounting, and back-office operations. From basic functions to sophisticated strategy, Savalan offers the financial management guidance that business leaders need to improve the bottom line. We start by helping clients understand all financial aspects of their business. Then we enable clients to develop a roadmap for intentional growth. Finally, we offer the financial perspective necessary to help clients reach their profitability potential. Much more than solely accounting, Savalan delivers financial management expertise that empowers clients to grow exponentially.

In the public sector, we work with US Federal Government agencies on a wide variety of levels.  This includes but is not limited to analyzing & validating accounting data from various systems to preparing financial statements and projections. Savalan has past performance with both the civilian and defense agencies.  Our proven strategies help reduce government waste and redundancies to ensure consistent and efficient fiscal performance. This demonstrates that we are a trusted advisor well versed in government regulations and complexities.

Savalan Commercial Entity Assessment

Savalan challenges its commercial companies C-level executives to answer the following questions.  Firms will be confident with their pricing, profitability, financial controls and internal systems during an engagement with the Savalan team.

  • Do you have a solid handle on profitability?
  • Do you invest enough to keep top talent?
  • Are you confident that critical financial controls are in place?
  • Is your pricing in line with profitability?
  • Who manages your important vendor relationships?
  • How do you manage cash flow?

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