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Back Office Support for International Companies Expanding to US Markets

From your initial entry to the US to ongoing financial management and operational support–Savalan is here to help. Every step of the way.

Your company’s expansion comes with a great deal of nuances of operating within the US economy. Our team of experts can help you navigate the rules and regulations to do business in a new market.

Our goal is to help you optimize the US branch of your business.

Savalan will help your company gain a foothold in the United States by aiding you in establishing the administrative and financial structure international companies need to do business here.

We can help you establish your US operation as well as supplement your team by managing all back office functions.

Some of the services we may recommend include:

US-Compliant Accounting and Financial Systems

Reporting to Your Home Office Managing Financial and

Administrative Operations

Savalan’s team leverages financial acumen with a deep knowledge of operational processes to help you work in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

From your initial setup, to ongoing support, Savalan can help your business with:

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Entry to the US Market

  • Registering with Federal, State, and Local Regulatory and Tax Agencies
  • Establishing Accounting and Financial Systems Compliant with US Regulations
  • Institute Operational Procedures
  • Coordinating with IT providers for Tech Infrastructure
  • Securing office space
  • Payroll Setup
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Ongoing Operational Support

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Profitability Reporting and Analysis
  • HR Functions
  • Oversee IT Operations
  • Coordinate Tax Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, and other Third-party Providers

Beyond finance, Savalan maintains relationships with professionals across many areas of business–from IT support to legal professionals.

Our goal is to make your expansion as smooth as possible.

Savalan performs at the highest level, exceeding expectations. The complexity of the OCDC operations has increased over time, and Savalan has provided exceptional service, and more importantly, implemented innovation solutions to complex challenges.

— Paul Hazen, US Overseas Cooperative Development Council


About Savalan

Savalan provides management consulting services to a wide range of organizations with customized services in both operations and finance in order to support a company’s growth. We utilize a network of professionals to provide services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

By leveraging our large firm credentials with an agile small business approach, we will help you achieve consistent and efficient fiscal performance.

We function not only as a service provider but an advisor who implements best practices to increase an organization’s efficiency and support their goals. Our proven results over the years have made us a trusted partner for small, medium sized organizations, both for profit and nonprofit as well as state and federal governments.

We combine our financial experience with operation expertise to put your data to work for you in order to elevate your business and deliver meaningful results for your company stateside.


Contact us today to discuss how we can support your organization’s growth.